Index: Letters from Sydney to Dunedin in 1967

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
The letters that I sent to my mother [Pat Crowl] over a fortnight or so in 1967, when I stayed in Sydney trying to discover if I could find work as a repetiteur there. 

7.9.67   I arrive in Sydney
8.9.67   Making contact
9.9.67   Being a tourist
Undated: Free seat at the opera
10.9.67 Mass, lunch and the beach
12.9.67 (probably) - Audition
12.9.67 Post-audition day
14.9.67 Filling in another day
14.9.67 Feeling sorry for myself
15.9.67 Not listening to good advice
16.9.67 Considering the ballet
16.9.67 I move to Northwood
20.9.67 The waiting game
21.9.67 Lost in the cemetery
23.9.67 Haircut and last letter from Sydney