Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flora and Thomas Joyce

I've had a bit of a discussion with Des Stokes about his mother-in-law, Flora living at some point in Hindon, and his understanding is as follows.

Flora Joyce, as she was then, lived in the Lee Stream Hotel (I remember hearing this too). Whether her father (Thomas Joyce) ran the hotel at that time or not, we don't as yet know - though's that an avenue someone might be able to investigate. It seems that Flora might have gone on horseback to school at Hindon - again something that rings a bell with me. Des thought she also learned the piano at Lee Stream - or maybe at Hindon School. (Presumably there are school records for Hindon School, if it still exists.)

Des also reminded me of another point about Thomas Joyce - he died of 'softening of the brain.' Not a very complimentary-sounding statement, though Des suspects it probably had something to do with dementia, rather than a physical softening (!)

He also thought that Thomas might have done some goldmining up Hindon/Lee Stream way. Flora's wedding ring was made from gold got from that area, but whether he mined the gold himself, or bought it, isn't clear.
I'm assuming I'm correct in thinking this is Flora as a child, and also with her father, but correct me if I'm wrong!