Sunday, March 02, 2008

Amelia Hannagan

I've been very remiss in not announcing the arrival of the latest Hannagan - particularly since this is called the Hannagan blog. (I've beaten my head against a convenient brick wall, and now feel a little better.)

Amelia arrived back in very early February, and has somehow managed to slip off my radar time and again. She's the second child and first daughter of Peter and Rachel Hannagan, who live these days in Washington, DC. Amelia has a big brother, Oliver.

Daphne has put a number of photos of Amelia on the Net, on Snapfish (a similar setup to Ringo, or Flickr.) Let me know if you can't get access to them.

A Hannagan birth - by which I mean a child with the name of Hannagan - is an occasion to be celebrated. In spite of the fact that I have so many cousins, and they have so many children, there aren't actually that many who are called Hannagan. And when you consider that it's most likely only the boys will pass the name on to their own children, there are even less.