Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leo Baker

The latest Crowl family member has arrived.

On 16th July, (four months after his mother's birthday), Leo te Paenga Baker came into the world - a bit early: he was supposed to cook for another six weeks originally. He's doing fine, however, and was hopefully going to be getting out of the incubator today. He was born by caesarian section after nothing would induce him to move...

Libby's waters broke at 32 weeks, but the doctors managed to maintain things for another ten days or so.

His father is Nathan Baker, and his mother is our third daughter, Libby. They live in Auckland these days, so we won't be catching up with him for a few weeks yet.

Sorry about the fuzzy photo - it was taken on a cellphone.

3.6.09 - it now turns out that the spelling of Leo's name should be: te Painga. This is the original spelling of the family name, so it's been corrected.