Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ray De Courcy

On the 27th July, Celia and I went to Ray De Courcy's funeral.   It was held at St Patrick's Basilica in South Dunedin, a church I hadn't been in for many years.   I'd forgotten how lovely it is, and how Italian in style. 

Ray was born in 1923, and was the brother of Tony (also deceased) and Kevin, who was our family's lawyer for many years.    These three brothers were my mother's cousins.   The De Courcy's have their own distinctive version of the Hannagan face - there are similarities to my grandfather and his siblings, just to show that we all came from the same stock, but there's no mistaking the De Courcy side of the family tree.   Check out my grandfather, Charlie, in this photo, and compare it with the one below of Ray.  I'm sorry there's a crease in these two photos; I folded up the hymn sheet before I thought about including the photos here.   If someone can supply me with better ones, all to the good.

The second photo is of Ray's wedding.    Just at the moment, I can't remember his wife's name.