Friday, October 21, 2011

Kathleen and Bill Wilson

Kathleen Wilson (a cousin of my mother) died during the week.  Her funeral was held at St
Andrews Rest Home on the 20th Oct, 2011.  It was the second funeral in about six weeks for the family as Kathleen's husband, Bill, died recently.  Bill was buried from St Andrews as well. 

Kathleen and Bill used to live in Barr St and she was a St Francis Xavier parishioner for many years.  She and Monica Stokes were the same age and great friends in their younger days.  She has been at St Andrews suffering with Alzheimers for the last four years.  Bill, who had broken his hip, spent the last few months of
his life there also.

My aunt, Daphne Hannagan, spoke to two of the family: Pauline, with whom she had worked briefly years ago.  Pauline now lives in Australia.  She also spoke to
Stephen and his wife who live in Cargill St.  Marie
and Ann are the other two members of the family.  

Rose Gallagher (nee Hannagan) was Kathleen's mother.   Rose was one of my grandfather's sisters (Charles Hannagan), which means, of course, that she was my great-aunt.  I can remember her name, and I know I met her when I was very young, but I don't remember much more about her.    I'd like to fit Kathleen into the family tree, but I need to be clear as to whether I've got her relationship with Rose correct.