Saturday, December 12, 2015

23.7.69 - the shortest letter

[Unusually, this is a short letter written on ordinary paper.]
Dear Mum, While I think of it, do send mail to reg for a bit, because things are still rather unsettled here, and I haven’t yet heard anymore about the other flat. I’m writing to you this way incidentally, because I wanted to send some stamps: Monica H. Asked me to send any ones of interest that I had for the kids. I thought I had some more, and some more interesting ones, but I don’t seem to have after all.
We’re been clearing up the flat this week but don’t really seem to be making much headway. It’s amazing the stuff that has accumulated. And this morning some more fudge arrived! I don’t know whether to try and finish it off before I go or not!
This is only going to be a short note I’m afraid, but I mainly wanted to get the address sorted out.
Marilyn wrote, and so I’ve replied immediately, telling her to write as much as she wants. I’ll try and keep up a fairly regular reply service. [This was seven months after I said ‘I must write’ to her.]

Better go, see ya, love Mike.