Monday, December 18, 2006

Pat Crowl: 1917-2006

After nearly three days of being at home with us, asleep and sometimes struggling for breath, Pat Crowl died quietly - almost while we weren't looking (!)

A number of family members (including a surprise visit from Mary and Paul Fraher, and from Catherine Hannagan) came, as well as other friends. It's been a good time, with Mum there, even though she's been asleep, and people have been relaxed and talking beside her.

We're going to miss her hugely: she's been an integral part of our family for around 22 years. She's lived upstairs, babysat, done a good deal of the housework and gardening, loved the kids, and then their kids as well, loved us even when we weren't always the easiest people to live with, shared her income generously with us and with a surprising number of charitable organisations (as we now discovered), and in general been a faithful daughter of God.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest the Lord has prepared for you. (A mansion with an enormous garden which she'll have the time and energy to cultivate for eternity...!)