Friday, December 22, 2006

Some photos from 21.12.06

The Crowl 'kids': Ben, Libby, Abby, Stef and Dominic seated on their grandmother's favourite settee, which originally belonged to her grandfather, Thomas Joyce.
(Click on the photos for larger versions.)

Stef with Mykala

Louise, Ben and Jacob

Abby, Thomas and Steve

This is a photo of most the people who came back to our house after the funeral yesterday.
Front row: Luke Stewart, Mike Crowl, Louise Crowl, Stef Crowl, Mykala Stewart, Jenna Stewart, Libby Crowl, Israel Baker, Abby Crowl, Daphne Hannagan, Des Stokes.

Back group: Steve Earnshaw, Thomas Earnshaw, Dominic Crowl, Ben Crowl, Jacob Crowl, Doug Stewart, Kathleen Macfarlane , Barbara Anngow, Athene Stewart, Mary Fraher, Jeanette Milner (longstanding family friend), Celia Crowl, Paul Stokes.