Monday, February 12, 2007

From John Ryan

And another John - John Ryan this time - emailed me and said:

Great Blog. I was curious when Mum told me about my photo on your blog. It's definitely me, and it looks like it was taken in barracks next to my bed. Either Hobsonville or Wigram. I don't remember the photo being taken, but I was in the RNZAF in 1976.

John, who spends a good deal of the year in Switzerland, working, adds:
It's a bit difficult being so remote from Lucy and Wendy, but we do get to see each other for 14 weeks each year, and those times are just wonderful. Our daughter Lucy is learning 3 musical instruments, one of them being the piano. She has already passed 2 piano exams, and will do grade 2 this year. I remember you playing the piano at Stanley St when I was very young. The other 2 instruments Lucy plays are violin and flute. She'll also be doing exams for those this year.