Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lucy Baker

The main news of the day is that Lucy Baker arrived in the world at around 1 am this morning. She was born in Christchurch, to Libby Crowl and Nathan Baker. She's their second child; Israel was born in Sept 2004.

Libby had the easiest birth in the world with Israel: it was all over in a matter of a few hours. Lucy decided to show Libby what a real birth is like, so the labour pains started back on Thursday, and came and went until late last night, leaving Libby exhausted. Libby had already had a false alarm (though it was very much like before Israel was born) back in January...!

Lucy was 7lb 8oz, and has black, curly hair - according to Libby - and looks very like her brother. Let's hope she gets his smile as well: it's radiant.