Saturday, May 03, 2008

Aussie Hannagans

Well, I've just spent a couple of hours inputting a large number of Australian Hannagans onto the Family Tree. Tailors abound - it was obviously a common occupation in those days - but there's a theatrical agent amongst the group, which is a bit different (!)

As always there are several common names running through the generations, but there are some unusual ones as well. One that struck me as interesting was Kearns Hannagan. The Francis Hannagan (Francis is a frequently-used name) from 1825 (my great-great grandfather, if I've remembered to put enough greats in) was married to Mary Cairns, but there seems to have been some question about the spelling of her name. It might have been Kearns. A generation or three down the track someone seems to have thought so and named one of their sons with that spelling.

The other thing about this afternoon's work is that we now have a tree going back to 1800 - approximately. In fact, it might be a little older than that, as William Hannagan's birth date isn't secure. However, he was my great-great-great grandfather (I've just checked it using the 'relationships' part of the 'People' menu). William has the distinction of being the oldest person on the tree at this point - unless he happened to have married a woman (Brigid Daly) who was older than him. Again, her birth date is not quite known.

William left a huge legacy of descendants - whatever date he was born!