Saturday, May 03, 2008

Francis Hannagan

A very cold Saturday and I'm finally trying to get some of the info sent to me by Nola Marshall sorted. I might put some of it on the Family Tree site, but information space is limited to 1000 words there, and Nola has provided some extensive info on some people. Note the usual inconsistency in the spelling of the family name!

Victorian Police Gazette, February 1856: Lost or stolen, from the person of Francis HANNAGAN, on the night of the twelfth instant somewhere in Melbourne, an open faced silver lever watch, No 1152, makers name Robertson of Liverpool, with gold guard attached, gold ring with FH engraved outside , and a dark coloured pocket book, with a small ink bottle. Five pounds in gold and silver , and sundry documents. Information to the Inspector of Detective police, Melbourne 16th February 1856.

Friday February 19th 1892 NEW ZEALAND TABLET We record with regret the death of Mr Francis Hannigan, [sic] father in law of Mr John Blaney, of the Caledonian Hotel, South Dunedin, which occurred at the age of 67,on Monday last. Mr Hannigan was an old member and well-known resident of Dunedin, where he came from Victoria at the time of the gold rush. He stood high in the esteem of a large circle of friends and acquaintances. R.I.P.

There are also three other known mentions of Francis Hannagan in newspaper reports.
Otago Witness 7 May 1870, page 14
Otago Witness,Issue 1047, 23 December 1871, page 6
Otago Witness,Issue 1075, 6 July 1872, page 8

I've included these for the moment as a reference.