Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another twig on the tree (!)

My cousin, Margaret Irvine, wrote this morning:

I have been very remiss in writing information for the blog, but today I have something to write about - a new twig for the tree.
At 3.28 this morning my youngest daughter Rhonda gave birth to a son, Jordan Edward Delao. His father is Damian Delao, an American of Mexican extraction and a super guy. His mum writes the name "De La O" so I think he has simplified it for we Kiwis. I haven't met Jordan yet and will go into the hospital later this morning but I understand he was a bonny babe at 3.89 kg.

And regarding the previous 'twig', Leo Baker - he's doing well, has been at home for at least three weeks, and is coping with his older brother and sister.