Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Crowl relatives

Some Crowl relatives:

Grandfather Brock - my great grandfather on my grandmother's side, about whom I know very little.

My grandfather, Arthur Charles Crowl.

As you can see from the scribble at the bottom, this could be either my Uncle Reg, or my father, Frank.

This photo has my father, Frank, in it. He's up the very back on the left, with glasses and a cigarette holder (his trademark). He's beside the fellow with the big grin. This set of men were amongst the best chess players around, in their day. They were attending the Australian Chess Championships, in 1960; this was five years before his death, so he would have been around 58 at the time. The next picture shows what's on the back of the photo (in my father's virtually illegible handwriting). Unfortunately it's not as clear as I'd like, but there were definitely some Russians amongst this group. If I can get the time, I'll type out what I can make out of it in due course. One person is described as someone's Pin Up Boy