Saturday, November 03, 2012

An envelope and its contents

An intriguing envelope, and intriguing contents.   First, the envelope.  Note that it's addressed to Mrs F Hannagan at 7 Stanley St.  

Inside there are two letters.   The first is dated April 28, '28, and says: 
I hereby agree to sell to C Hannagan property situated No 8 Stanley St Mornington as fenced for the sum of £675-0-0. 
                 pp Mason & Crowe
                      Edmund Crowe
Sale and possession May 19th 1928 (initialled by EC)

My immediate reaction to this is the address.  No 8?  Did the Crowes get the address wrong, or did the family actually buy a property across the street and later sell it?  I've never heard of them owning anything else in Stanley St, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows about this.  

The second item is dated June 28/- 28.  (Interesting way of writing it!)  It reads:

Received from C Hannagan the sum of twenty one pounds six shillings and eight pence £21-6-8 balance on purchase of house No 3 Stanley St Mornington
Y [?] Material supplied to house Elgin Rd pp Mason & Crowe
Edmund Crowe

No 3 Stanley St?  What, were the Hannagans property developers?  Or did Mr Crowe constantly get his addresses muddled?