Thursday, November 16, 2006

From Anne Ryan - now Meekan

Another Ryan here - I'm Anne, the Ryans' youngest and one of the group of four girl cousins born in the six months July to January - some year in the sixties! It does seem a long time ago since I used to spend the school holidays in Dunedin with Barbara [Stokes], Jane [Hannagan] and Theresa [Hannagan].

Of the four cousins I was the slowest off the ranks and consequently still have school aged children, (rumour has it one of the others is a Grandmother!)

I moved to Auckland with work in 1989 and met Kevin [Meekan] here. We still live in Auckland with our three children Kieran (12) , Sophie (9) and Sean (7). Life is full, busy and heaps of fun. I have just started working again after a social decade looking after the kids and running them here there and everywhere, and am contracting as a Technical Writer, which is better than it sounds.