Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An update from Margaret Irvine (Ryan that was)

A couple of weekends the Irvine clan, Margaret, Frank and the kids, gathered together. As this is a relatively rare occasion, let me tell you about it.

The event had been planned to be a barbecue but after two weeks of unrelenting rain we brought the sausages inside the house Frank and I have owned for over 30 years and where all the children grew up. [Never plan a barbecue: it will always rain! Mike]

The day was a farewell for our third child, second daughter, Marie and her husband Roy who are going to Northland where Roy will continue his work as a cheesemaker with Puhoi Cheeses. Marie will probably soak up the sun on beautiful Snell's Beach where they have rented a house for a while.

Also at the party was our eldest, Lauren, and her partner Dan. Lauren's hobbies have been travel, buying shoes and maxing out the credit card but of late she has been quite settled down. Dan trades in car parts with much the same degree of passion as Lauren has for heels and slingbacks.

Bachelor and bearded son Andrew, who works in a hardware store and looks like Al of Tool Time (sans plaid) was also there. He is a repertory fan and a committee member and backstage stalwart of the local Players Theatre.

Our youngest, Rhonda and her fella Josh were also present. Rhonda works in an inner city StarMart and keeps attempting to escape but they lure her back with the offer of more pay. Josh works with troubled teens in a psych unit and as he's a great out-going sort of guy, the work suits him.

We all get along pretty well and are going to miss Roy and Marie dreadfully - but they are still on the same island and the same side of the world. Roy is from Manchester and they had thought of going back to England to make cheese in traditional styles over there.

That's enough for now but there could be more instalments. Looking forward to seeing more Mainland stories.